When you’re in business, running an IT environment might not be your top priority. But the more digital tools you rely on to connect with customers or plan out schedules, for example, the more dealing with technology can seem like a full-time job. This is especially true when concerns about security are rising…  Tt’s been found that 62% of small and medium sized businesses lack skills needed to deal with issues themselves, while 52% felt “helpless” against new cyber attacks.

At Vector One, we take care of all your IT needs so you can focus on running and growing your business. Overseeing overall security, monitoring and maintaining all of your in-house or cloud resources, we free up your time for more profitable pursuits.

Firms choose managed IT services for five distinct reasons. 

1. Layered Security Process

As the world becomes more digital, business enterprises are faced with an ever-growing number of cyber threats. It’s difficult to know if you’re protected or not when these attacks evolve and become unpredictable. With managed services from Vector One your team will have access to proven layered security processes that help protect against evolving threats while also complying with your cyber insurance requirements and regulatory requirements for data protection. We provide a full spectrum of endpoint protection for all devices, along with patch management programs for applications and operating systems, password management and much more.  We offer coverage for everything from network firewalls up through external vulnerability scanning, dark web scanning, security awareness training…  the list goes on, and continuously evolves to meet evolving threats.

You know the saying, how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?  A layered approach to security for defense-in-depth is that ounce of protection.  Without it, you run a greater risk of being featured in the news as the latest victim of cyber crime, and that’s not the publicity you want.  Results of a breach can might include damaged reputation; lost time and revenue from an interruption of operations due to downtime caused by malware or ransomware attacks; regulatory fines as well as other costs that can take months if not years to recover.

2. Control Over your IT Expenses

With managed services, you gain more control over your IT expenses and spend less time dealing with IT issues. Planned maintenance helps prevent breakdowns in the first place.  And if something does happen, we’re there to help fix it quickly to get your business back up and running fast. Because our team has access to a variety of tools and technologies to best meet the needs of many different businesses, we’re able to advise you on what might work best for you and your unique environment..

3. Drive Operational Efficiency & Enhance Business Agility

With a managed service arrangement, our IT team will look after the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of all hardware and software you invested in. This means that we’ll get to know what’s going on at any given moment so we can help keep everything running smoothly. Plus, this way downtime is reduced or eliminated altogether – which equals more productive employees. That being said, it also helps if we take into account where your business may be headed down the road; strategically planning for new tools now might save time and money in the future as your business goals are realized.  Stop wasting time “fighting fires” and keep your  focus on your company’s growth.

4. Data Backup and Protection Plan

Expect the unexpected.  You know the saying about an ounce of prevention?  Well, you still might need that pound of cure, and that’s where your backups come into play.  

When it comes to backup, it’s not one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer multiple comprehensive backup and protection plans that are designed around your specific needs. We’ll make sure that if something goes wrong in the blink of an eye, everything will still go right for you with our help from disaster planning experts who know how important this process really is.

Without an appropriate backup solution in place, you might never recover from a breach.  

5. IT Service Proactive Approach

In the end, the managed IT service approach is all about being proactive: anticipating and preventing problems, not just reacting to them.  Let Vector One help keep you running smooth, help you work WITH technology, rather than working ON technology.  All to give you greater overall  security and productivity, realizing greater value from your investment in information technology, and ultimately giving you greater peace of mind.

Let Vector One help you realize all the benefits of IT Managed Services.  To get started, contact us today!.