Ever wanted to know how long your password would last? Well, wonder no more! This website tells you the time it will take for a brute force attack.

Guide and Protect your Organization with our Password Management Service

Businesses know that passwords are essential for keeping sensitive data and IT systems safe from hackers. But many don’t realize how important it is to manage those passwords properly in order to protect everything they have.

If you’re re-using the same credentials across multiple accounts or have no idea who has access to which system, your company could be at risk in a matter of seconds.

Keep all of your information secured with our easy-to-use password management service .

Online Portal to Manage your Password Needs

Our self-serve online portal is designed to make it simple for your business. With this, employees only get a view of the passwords they need and you have one centralized place to control all their credentials while also being able to meet compliance requirements. If somebody leaves your company, you can instantly revoke everything that gives them access without having to call our team for support.

Peace of Mind

  1. Full Safety

          Credentials are refreshed on a regular basis, with passwords being automatically generated for account security.

      2. Single Click Logins

          With our browser extension, you can log in to any website with the correct username and password without having to type them out.

      3. Self-serve Authentication

          You never have to worry about your passwords again. You can change them and revoke access anytime from any device you want.

Here’s how it functions

See what you can do in our Online Portal:


  • With our browser extension, you can log into websites with just one click
  • You can set up folders to organize your passwords and make them easier to access
  • With one push of a button, generates strong and unique passwords for you
  • You can view company-level passwords
  • View passwords unique to their departments
  • Add and edit passwords for personal accounts—inaccessible to everyone


  • You can view all of the audits and reports related to password activity
  • Terminate all system access for employees who leave the company 
  • Share approved passwords automatically
  • Set up passwords to expire after a period of time and automatically generating new ones
  • Apply two-factor authentication (2FA) 
  • You can add and edit company-level passwords
  •  Generate “security groups” with folders and passwords visible to select user

Get the peace of mind you’ve always wanted! Take control over your passwords and system access.

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