“Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report found that 78% of attackers use stolen passwords to gain access and steal data on business applications”

“A recent survey by Google/Harris Poll found that 65% of end-users are using the same passwords for multiple accounts.”

“Cyberattacks are now costing companies $200,000 on average. The rising cost of cyberattack has put many out of business and 43% target small businesses according to CNBC.”

What Do You Need to be Aware of?

Risks To Your Password Security

  • Brute Force Cracking 
  • Phishing 
  • Websites Spoofing

Advantages of Password Management Solution

  • Better time allocation: No need to look for passwords
  • Less IT support requests: Lesser password resets
  • High Performance: Passwords accessible over devices and programs
  • Complete Clarity: Understand who, what, when, and where
  • Granular, First Class Administrative Control, Management, and Reporting

What is the Scene in Cybersecurity?

  • How assured are you that your workers are not utilizing the same password for different accounts?
  • Do you observe who is using the company’s private data and when?
  • What is the danger of previous employees keeping passwords?

“According to a survey conducted by Intermedia 89% of employees admit to keeping access to at least one from their former employer.”

“And 49% of former employees admit to logging into and using their old company’s account”

The key to your company’s success is the password. It secures every aspect of business, from workflow efficiency to confidential client data and it must be protected at all times.

Put a Culture of Security

Password Management Best Approach

    • Generate compound passwords Get rid of weak passwords or password reuse
    • Construct solid access policies Set role-based access and lockout previous employees
    • Safeguard business applications Alter permissions as employees advance or leave
    • At any moment, anyplace access Join credentials into devices and platforms 
    • Reporting for Compliance Meet data security and financial mandate
    • Run Probe and Details Observe and Probe who is using the company’s private data and when

Put a stop to Cybercriminal entry into your network

In Summary 

  1. Security: Do not risk easy password preference

  2. Ease and Effective: No need to recall passwords, with single click logins

  3. Access Control: Supervise employee system access

  4. Onboarding/offboarding: Exclude previous employees

  5. Auditing for compliance: Be aware all the time what happened

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